Why Rebus was formed

In 2015, the Mens Probus Club of Hibiscus Coast became concerned at the possibility that the rights to the use of the Probus name which Clubs had been using for decades, might be lost as the result of legal steps being undertaken by Probus South Pacific Ltd (PSPL). If successful, this could mean that any Club not affiliated to PSPL would have to change its name. With no wish to remain under the rule of an inflexible Governing Body, it sought a name which might be suitable as a re-branding option for NZ Clubs.

Rebus, an abbreviation of Retired Business persons, seemed to meet that need. It is similar to Probus, but not so close as to be misleading and likely to easily obtain name recognition because it is largely unique in the NZ scene.

​Justice Toogood, in the Auckland High Court found in favour of PSPL. This effectively required that any Probus Club in New Zealand which did not remain affiliated to PSPL, would need to remove the word “Probus” from its name.


There will continue to be vigorous debate over the circumstances by which so many NZ Clubs were dispossessed of the rights to call themselves a Probus club, many having been in existence for over 30 years.


Rebus NZ was incorporated on the 7th December 2015 and had as its 15 founders, Past Presidents, Life members and current committee members of the Probus Club of Hibiscus Coast. 


Since then and in keeping with the objective of diluting the membership of the Rebus NZ committee (now re-named Rebus Board) by replacement with others from different parts of the country, only three of the original Committee remain. As well, because approximately two thirds of Club membership are Ladies, appropriate representation  has  been progressed with three Ladies now on the Rebus Board.


Full details of each of the current Board Members are elsewhere in this website.


All Board members are committed to ensuring that the role of providing an independent Service Centre for NZ Clubs, remains free from any form of political interference in Club affairs.

Graeme McIntosh, the Chairman of Rebus since inception, was also a member of the original Steering Committee and was the Administrator overseeing the transfer of some 273 plus Clubs away from PSPL. He is a Life Member and past President (2008 and 2011) of the Rebus Club of Hibiscus Coast.