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New member induction click here to download as a Word document

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Advisory only – adapt as required.

(For Rebus affiliated Clubs)



Enjoyment of the benefits which arise through widened social inter-action, are the foundation upon which Rebus is built. In addition to our monthly meetings, we have regular outings to places of interest and events as well as xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Where a spouse or partner is not a member of the Club, they are especially welcome to join in our social functions and outings.


The greatest benefits from your membership will only be achieved by your regular participation in as many of our Club activities as your circumstances allow.


We strive to ensure that REBUS has status, dignity and respect within our community and I know you will wish to uphold those values. Our organisation, like so many others, is dependent on on a regular inflow of new blood for it’s continuing wellbeing and your successful application to join us, is especially gratifying.


I now have much pleasure in inducting you into membership of the REBUS CLUB OF XXXXXX by presenting you with your Rebus lapel badge together with your name badge, (and one for your partner/husband/wife where applicable) a copy of our Constitution and By-laws, a membership directory and a copy of our most recent monthly Bulletin.


Would all present, please welcome our new member…………

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